Zotero Issues You Ought to Know

If you have read my post “Research Tools Every Freelancer Should Know” and have signed up for Zotero, this is something that you ought to read as well. I’m sure you are enjoying this amazing tool but if you are having some issues, calm down. Here are a few things that you might want to check. Fortunately, if you are using version 1.0, you may be in a brighter mood, but if you have the version 2.0 beta, it may not be as smooth sailing as you want it to be.

The reason why I’m writing this is because I recently encountered a problem which left my four libraries with extensive research contents an empty bin. My personal folder and three other libraries which is for a client just mysteriously had this disappearing act which almost blew my head off thinking that I’ll have to redo a weeklong of research work. (I’m glad I don’t have to) Thanks to a quick and precise resolution that was given to me.
I must admit that I was very well pleased with forum administrator, Dan Stillman who responded to my question quicker than I thought.  He provided me the link to check for the known issues which I have listed below for reference, especially for those who have not had the chance to visit the Zotero support area. Even if the product is not yet in its most stable state I’d be willing to keep it as long as they continue to provide an impeccable customer service experience.

  • Non-English locales are broken in 2.0rc3
    • Upgrade to 2.0rc4
  • “Invalid field ‘repository’ in ItemFields.isBaseField()” error in 2.0rc4
    • Upgrade to 2.0rc4
  • “disk I/O error” accessing database on Ubuntu Karmic
    • Update AppArmor and Linux kernel to latest available versions (details)
  • In Firefox 3.5, “Accept third-party cookies” must be enabled in the Privacy pane of the Firefox preferences for translator saving to work correctly on certain sites. (Alternatively, exceptions can be added for individual sites.) This will be fixed in Firefox 3.6.
  • Switching between Zotero File Storage and WebDAV may result in a conflict resolution window for any files modified while using the other service.
  • Word processor plugin
    • “This citation no longer exists in the Zotero database” messages editing a document previously edited with a never-synced 2.0b5 library that was subsequently synced (details)
  • Storage sync issues
    • Changing the storage password after a successful server verification does not take effect until Firefox is restarted
  • Notes issues
    • Tooltips and spellcheck are not available
    • Auto-save doesn’t trigger when returning from the HTML editor
      • Workaround: Click elsewhere in note or make other edits before clicking away
  • Drag and drop
    • External drag-and-drop is broken on Linux
  • Annotations and highlights do not sync

  • In Firefox 3.5, “Accept third-party cookies” must be enabled in the Privacy pane of the Firefox preferences for translator saving to work correctly on certain sites. (Alternatively, exceptions can be added for individual sites.) This will be fixed by Mozilla post-3.5.
  • Drag-and-drop to collections is broken in Firefox 3.0.0 and Debian Iceweasel 3.0.4 (details; non-Debian users can upgrade to the latest version of Firefox 3.0.x to fix)
  • File drag-and-drop is broken on Linux

The following Firefox extensions and applications are known to cause “Could Not Save Item” translator errors in Zotero:

  • Norton Internet Security — Identity Safe feature (details)
  • RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin (details)
  • RoboForm 6.9.91 (details; to fix, close the RoboForm application completely from the Windows taskbar, as errors persist even after disabling the Firefox extension)

The following Firefox extensions are known to cause other problems in Zotero:

  • Gliider (empty library; details; report to Gliider)
  • InvisibleHand (can’t resize columns; details)
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery 2.0.4 (empty space above Zotero pane; details)
  • Megaupload (details)
  • MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5 (details)
  • Skype extension (reported in several forum threads but not reproduced by Zotero developers; details)
  • Split Browser (Zotero pane doesn’t open; details)
  • SwitchProxy (details)
  • TotalToolbar 1.4 (empty space above Zotero pane; details)
  • Vista-Aero theme (?v. details)
  • Youlicit (details)

The following Firefox extensions previously caused problems in Zotero but have since been fixed to be compatible:

  • Bodybuilding.com Toolbar 1.2 (details; fixed in 1.3)
  • iMacros (details; fixed in
  • NoScript 1.8.7 (details; fixed in

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