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oDesk, then oDesk-Elance (or Elance-oDesk) and now, uPwork. If you’re an oDesker, don’t be surprised if you login today or tomorrow and find that you’re getting redirected to the new website. If you haven’t had the chance to check your email, here’s what’s waiting in your inbox, the full content of the email sent by Elance-Odesk CEO, Stephane Kasriel. Stephane has recently taken the helm of the Elance-oDesk and apparently, he’s taking over Upwork.

Upwork - the new Elance-oDesk

So what exactly are the things to look forward with this update:

1. New website – obviously, the oDesk website will eventually be replaced with upwork.com. However, it’s been noted in the email that: You’ll see familiar oDesk functionality and your existing profile, with a new mobile-friendly and simplified design.

2. New Upwork Messenger – there’s now a new app available for download that’s available for both iOS and Android users. So if you haven’t downloaded it, go ahead and check it out. I’ll post a review of the app as soon as I get my hands on my phone and will post it immediately here. Check out the Upwork Messenger App first look and review.


I tried to open the link as soon as I received the announcement and unfortunately it’s going to a website under construction page.

Image 056


The same thing goes with oDesk website.

oDesk is now Upwork


What are your thoughts with this new change? Drop those comments and things you expect to see in the platform.

Happy freelancing!

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