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How To Deal With Late Payments

Every once in a while there may come a time when payments just don't seem to arrive when you most expect them. And worse, it sometimes comes when bills are due to your internet or electricity which is vital for the continuity of operation of your work. Should you then get the phone and ring your clients every 30 minutes to say they are late? Or approach them like you are begging for what you have worked for? If you are that frustrated and unprepared, you might just end up doing both, but...
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Payment Delays: oDesk Provider’s Bruhaha

There is a lot of spam message going on right now with oDesk providers who are part of the gDev team. The original message which started from a simple "hi" turns out to carry more than what meets the eye. UAE based company, gDEV FZ LLC who claims to be the biggest employer in oDesk started sending out invitations and hiring providers for a fixed rate fee to undergo several tests and a Skype interview that's intended for various technical and customer service positions. Well, who wouldn't be...
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