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Six Essentials in Winning a Freelance Job Bid

When I first wrote this post (09.21.09 11:20am) there were 993,558 GetAFreelancer service providers, 346,574 oDesk job seekers and 98,973 Elance experts. That’s a whopping 1,439,105 freelancers and counting. And that is only from three popular freelance sites. Today, there are 1,056,679 GetAFreelancer service providers, 388,937 oDesk job seekers and 100,550 Elance experts. That’s a whopping 1,546,166 an increase of 107061 in just a matter of 54 days. For sure, many of them have already...
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Five Reasons Why oDesk Tops Other Freelance Sites

Freelancing is perhaps biggest job revolution after the industrial period. That is of course for a good reason. The advances in technology, communication and the boom of the information superhighway made job hunting just a click of a mouse away.Hundreds, if not thousands of freelance sites have sprouted. Some are good, others are not but there are sites which stands out to provide stellar service, not only for service providers but also for its service buyers. And oDesk, surely is at par to...
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