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Freelance Channel Episode1

FC: Episode 1 – How I Got Started Freelancing

As a first episode of this show, let me just give you a brief background about myself, what this show is all about,  and what inspired me to start this one. Prior to my freelance work, I served as a call center agent for over four years. I've experienced working on graveyard shifts, slept when the sun is high and got back to work when our kids are off to bed. I've taken calls on New Year and Christmas eve. There were great perks, bonuses and incentives. But the call center is not for...
Upwork Messenger App For Android Review17 Thumbnail

Upwork Messenger App for Android – Review

oDesk has relaunched and rebranded as Upwork. And with it's new brand comes this new messenger app. Check out the features in this first version and let me know what you think about it. If you haven't seen the update about the rebranding, go to If this has been helpful to you, please don't forget to Like, leave a comment or subscribe to The Freelance Channel You can also connect with me on Twitter...

Upwork – The New oDesk

oDesk, then oDesk-Elance (or Elance-oDesk) and now, uPwork. If you're an oDesker, don't be surprised if you login today or tomorrow and find that you're getting redirected to the new website. If you haven't had the chance to check your email, here's what's waiting in your inbox, the full content of the email sent by Elance-Odesk CEO, Stephane Kasriel. Stephane has recently taken the helm of the Elance-oDesk and apparently, he's taking over Upwork. So what exactly are the things to look...

Breaking the Habit: 4 Things to Eliminate in Your Freelance Lifestyle

When you work on your own and have a control of your time and nobody kicks in to correct you like your supervisor does, you can easily build a bad habit that can become a disease to your freelance business. That's for real! The hard part is, it's sometimes difficult to detect and hard to accept. I know, because I have experienced the same thing in my 4 years of working freelance. Here are a few things to keep watch of, more importantly, to stop and eliminate in your freelance...

oDesk Contractor Manual

oDesk, one of the pioneer in online job bidding and freelance sites recently released the oDesk contractor manual. It's a very informative and well thought idea considering that there are millions of newbies who would like to find their way into maximizing their experience with the site. The 22-page oDesk manual has 5 sections that provides good to know information about: The company, an introduction to online work Getting started guide Application and interview tips Getting the job done...
Elance vs oDesk

Elance vs. oDesk: Which is the Better Freelance Site?

Elance vs oDesk is like the Mayweather and Pacquiao of the freelance world. They are both one of the best in their league. Unlike a boxing a match, the question of which is the better freelance site, is a moot point that is probably impossible to lay out a concrete judgment. Not unless we'll have Elance CEO and oDesk CEO decide to take it to the ring :) Kidding aside, these two sites have both impacted many lives across the globe and mine included. There may be a few people who've had bad...

Five Things You Thought You Knew About Freelancing

Work as a freelancer and you can earn a six figure income! Get paid in dollars. Never have to commute to go to work. And yes, you can do it at your own home. That sounds a lot like an advertisement on the newspaper or website. They sound good, but they may not be entirely true all the time. So today, I'll give you some reality check on what a freelance life is all about. Some of you may already know most of what entails being a freelancer even before you started reading this, but there are...

10 Things To Keep You Sane When Your Freelance Job Ends

You'll open up your email one day and you'll find amongst the unread, a notification that your project is now closed. Only a few days ago, the client was chatting with you on how well the project has been working out. And yet, now you see this message. You closed your eyes, pinched yourself, walked out to the sun, and yes, it wasn't a dream. It's real. The one source of income that you expect to feed your family is now gone. What in the world should you do next? This scenario is not something...

How to Quit Your Job and Start Freelancing

Working as a freelancer may be just a part time job to help you eke out a living or earn an extra income. But what if you've reached a point and decided to quit your other job and pursue a full time freelance career? How are you planning to go about the transition? Here are a few things you need to check if you are on the right track. Remember, quitting your job doesn't work like a magic. But it can do magic for your new found career if you do it right. 1. Make a graceful exit Don't be...

Small Gigs That Matter – Fiverr Review

What can you do with $5? And what are you willing to do for $5? Five dollars might not mean a lot these days, but to the phenomenal site,, your $5 can go a long way. Well some of you may have already come across this micro gig site but to those who have not, this is something you should start checking. Fiverr is a marketplace that gives people the opportunity to showcase what they can do and what they are willing to do for $5. These tasks or gigs, as it is called on the site can...
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