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Upwork – The New oDesk

oDesk, then oDesk-Elance (or Elance-oDesk) and now, uPwork. If you're an oDesker, don't be surprised if you login today or tomorrow and find that you're getting redirected to the new website. If you haven't had the chance to check your email, here's what's waiting in your inbox, the full content of the email sent by Elance-Odesk CEO, Stephane Kasriel. Stephane has recently taken the helm of the Elance-oDesk and apparently, he's taking over Upwork. So what exactly are the things to look...
oDesk Connect and Membership Plan

oDesk Connects and Membership Plan and What it Means to You

March 31st will be a historic day for freelancers on oDesk when the new membership starts to roll out. And just as expected, this new oDesk membership scheme marks another tell tale sign of what I call, the "Elancipation of oDesk". Remember, they told us that it will be two separate platforms, but they never said that they will continue to work on the same scheme, that is, FREE and equal membership levels on oDesk versus upgrade/paid options on Elance. So tomorrow, when you log in to your...
Elance vs oDesk

What Happens When Elance and oDesk Merge?

One of the questions I've raised before is "Which is the better freelance site, oDesk or Elance?" That is of course not a very easy one to answer. For one, they both have their unique qualities that one would prefer than the other. It never came to mind what if oDesk and Elance will merge into one freelance site just like what Freelancer and it's acquisition of smaller sites like Scriptlance.  But truth is, there's no more speculation about the merge because oDesk and Elance have already...

How to Increase Repeat Business from Previous Clients

One of the realities of freelancing is that projects are not (always) long term. They can be a one off job of say, setting up an autoresponder, installing and configuring Wordpress, editing a podcast episode etc. The challenge therefore is twofold, first is how to acquire new clients and second, how to increase repeat business from previous clients. Elance offers a good information on this area. If you go to your profile, the right side widget that says "My Snapshot" (for Individual accounts)...

The Pros and Cons of Increased Elance Connects

Every Elance contractor knows how important it is to have available connects. Simply put, connects will determine if you are eligible to submit a proposal for a project under the category you are subscribed to. No connects means you either: wait for a client to invite you before you can submit a proposal buy extra connects upgrade your account to have more monthly allocations. Now you see the big picture of how important connects are. As a tiered membership site with limited monthly...

How to Use Google Alerts and Saved Search Features to Find a Freelance Job

Finding a freelance job is one of the most time consuming process. There are distractions, diversions and sooner or later, you will find yourself no longer doing what you're suppose to do. But as experience taught me, there is a better way of finding the best fit job while investing very minimal time. In job search, it's a good practice to be minimalistic. Thanks to the internet and the powerful searching features that makes job hunting more efficient these days. The key to making job search...
Elance vs oDesk

Elance vs. oDesk: Which is the Better Freelance Site?

Elance vs oDesk is like the Mayweather and Pacquiao of the freelance world. They are both one of the best in their league. Unlike a boxing a match, the question of which is the better freelance site, is a moot point that is probably impossible to lay out a concrete judgment. Not unless we'll have Elance CEO and oDesk CEO decide to take it to the ring :) Kidding aside, these two sites have both impacted many lives across the globe and mine included. There may be a few people who've had bad...

10 Things To Keep You Sane When Your Freelance Job Ends

You'll open up your email one day and you'll find amongst the unread, a notification that your project is now closed. Only a few days ago, the client was chatting with you on how well the project has been working out. And yet, now you see this message. You closed your eyes, pinched yourself, walked out to the sun, and yes, it wasn't a dream. It's real. The one source of income that you expect to feed your family is now gone. What in the world should you do next? This scenario is not something...
six things i learned as a freelancer

Six Things I’ve Learned as Freelancer

I started as a full time freelancer on August 19, 2009 and yes, I’m still alive and kicking and looking to better years ahead. I had a scary start primarily of financial nature, fear of the unknown and doubts of getting a work that can sustain our family’s needs (and wants). And nearly six years after that crossroad, I’m looking even more exuberant of the year ahead. Let me share a few things I’ve learned as a full time freelancer. These are practical things that helped me survive...

Online Jobs to Keep an Eye On

Unemployment is high in many parts of the globe. You may have a job today but it all hangs in the balance whether the business is earning or your salary is becoming too costly for your employers. As outsourcing continues to change the landscape of employment, you may find yourself gripping on the second state. The fact is, the internet is becoming the biggest job site you could ever imagine. Come to think of it, it's not only limited to local opportunities but its global. So for those who...
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