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How to Increase Repeat Business from Previous Clients

One of the realities of freelancing is that projects are not (always) long term. They can be a one off job of say, setting up an autoresponder, installing and configuring Wordpress, editing a podcast episode etc. The challenge therefore is twofold, first is how to acquire new clients and second, how to increase repeat business from previous clients. Elance offers a good information on this area. If you go to your profile, the right side widget that says "My Snapshot" (for Individual accounts)...

This Week’s Updates

The week is almost over and before the weekend comes let me share a couple things that's been getting a lot of my attention this week. You may not be seeing me writing regular posts in this site for quite some time now but if you've been following me on Twitter, you've probably seen that I've been collaborating with my wife on a new blog Marriage Mix. I've written a couple of posts this week and it's such a pleasure to write about our daughter's comedic video. My new hideaway proves to be a...

Customer Service That Draw New Business

Having spent a few years in the call center proved to be the best training ground for me prior to my entry to the freelance world. I was immersed in a customer service oriented line of business (LOB), honed to provide consultative selling when my brain tells me i'm not a sales guy, and tested my character in dealing with difficult people when my mind keeps on yelling to stop being a saint. And I must say it was a total transformation of who I really am. That's how good my training was :) Thanks...
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Payment Delays: oDesk Provider’s Bruhaha

There is a lot of spam message going on right now with oDesk providers who are part of the gDev team. The original message which started from a simple "hi" turns out to carry more than what meets the eye. UAE based company, gDEV FZ LLC who claims to be the biggest employer in oDesk started sending out invitations and hiring providers for a fixed rate fee to undergo several tests and a Skype interview that's intended for various technical and customer service positions. Well, who wouldn't be...
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