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Elance vs. oDesk: Which is the Better Freelance Site?

Elance vs oDesk is like the Mayweather and Pacquiao of the freelance world. They are both one of the best in their league. Unlike a boxing a match, the question of which is the better freelance site, is a moot point that is probably impossible to lay out a concrete judgment. Not unless we’ll have Elance CEO and oDesk CEO decides to take it to the ring :) Kidding aside, these two sites have both impacted manly lives across the globe and mine included. There may be a few people who’ve had bad experience, whether self inflicted or not, but that doesn’t change the fact that oDesk and Elance changed the way we work!

For the sake of study and comparison allow me to give you a rundown of how the two freelance bidding sites actually compare, I have done some research and created this PDF document. This comparative will show you the details and some key areas of how one compares with the other, more of a ‘tale of the tape’ assessment.

Whether you choose Elance or oDesk, it’s your call. After all, it’s you who will create the destiny of your career in these sites, not the other way around.

I hope you find this useful. Feel free to drop your comments, insights, and suggestions.

oDesk vs Elance

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  1. Red RahmanRed Rahman09-03-2013

    Both sites look just about the same…however, a major difference I’ve noticed is that oDesk is more heavily used by freelancers from developing countries and consequently the rates there are among the lowest of any other marketplace.

  2. dandan11-04-2013

    wondered if you compared support. I used freelancer and found online help rarely available when I needed it. (I’m in the US)

  3. AliceAlbertAliceAlbert04-02-2014

    These both are good for companies but not for individual, Alternate to oDesk and Elance is SEOClerks, easy to navigate, support is awesome, high class quality gigs.

    • Florante ValdezFlorante Valdez04-07-2014

      Hi AliceAlbert,
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thought.
      Based on my experience, oDesk and Elance are good for both individuals and companies. It all depends on the job/project you are targeting as some may prefer freelancer only while others are looking for a team.

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