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Blogging on iPad with Blogsy

Let's face it, you are dismayed many times when an idea comes up and you are off your desktop or laptop and all you got is your mobile phone or tablet. I've felt the same way too with my iPad. But I'm glad  I discovered a better way to do it. You might ask, what is it like to blog on an iPad? It's not really the iPad that makes blogging cool or extraordinary. It's Blogsy! This is my new found tool of choice when it comes to blogging  apps. And if you're still not intrigued, let me give you...

Practical Benefits of Blogging to a Freelancer

  Blogs are so popular nowadays that if you do a Google search for this term it will give you a result of at least 1,130,000,000. That’s correct, a whooping one billion figure that grows by the thousands every day. And with this popularity, and many other compelling reasons, I guess you would agree that these reasons are enough to encourage you to have your own blog. Squeezing an hour or two from your busy freelance schedule can bring enormous benefits for you in the future. More...
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