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Freelance Channel Episode1

FC: Episode 1 – How I Got Started Freelancing

As a first episode of this show, let me just give you a brief background about myself, what this show is all about,  and what inspired me to start this one. Prior to my freelance work, I served as a call center agent for over four years. I've experienced working on graveyard shifts, slept when the sun is high and got back to work when our kids are off to bed. I've taken calls on New Year and Christmas eve. There were great perks, bonuses and incentives. But the call center is not for...

Best Collaboration Tools for Freelancers

In this era of virtual collaborative work, the tools you use can make a big difference at how successful your projects would turn out. As a freelancer, I've come across various tools that I've tried, some were recommended, while others were supplied by my clients and overall, these tools have not only made the distance seem irrelevant, the tools we've implemented made certain that projects are organized and productivity is increased. For the past 4 years that I've been tinkering with my...
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