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The Simple Truth About Getting a High Paying Freelance Job

It's a common question that people ask me how do I get a high paying freelance job. Well, today, I'll share with you my thoughts why this question isn't something you should even ask others but something that you should ask yourself and should be answered by yourself alone too. The truth is, getting a high paying job is real and it's just out there. Whether you are on oDesk, or Elance, or or just selling your service directly through your website, a high paying job is just a...

Certified Freelance Podcast

In the next few days, I'll be releasing the first episode of The Certified Freelance Podcast. It's my long awaited personal project that I've finally manage to put together. Late last year when I've started planning to push this through but I got a bit busy with different projects. So this year, I've determined to put this into reality.  I believe stories make bigger impact in people's lives than we could ever think of. And podcast makes it such a convenient way to spread out life changing...

Breaking the Habit: 4 Things to Eliminate in Your Freelance Lifestyle

When you work on your own and have a control of your time and nobody kicks in to correct you like your supervisor does, you can easily build a bad habit that can become a disease to your freelance business. That's for real! The hard part is, it's sometimes difficult to detect and hard to accept. I know, because I have experienced the same thing in my 4 years of working freelance. Here are a few things to keep watch of, more importantly, to stop and eliminate in your freelance...

Customer Service That Draw New Business

Having spent a few years in the call center proved to be the best training ground for me prior to my entry to the freelance world. I was immersed in a customer service oriented line of business (LOB), honed to provide consultative selling when my brain tells me i'm not a sales guy, and tested my character in dealing with difficult people when my mind keeps on yelling to stop being a saint. And I must say it was a total transformation of who I really am. That's how good my training was :) Thanks...
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