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How to Use Google Alerts and Saved Search Features to Find a Freelance Job

Finding a freelance job is one of the most time consuming process. There are distractions, diversions and sooner or later, you will find yourself no longer doing what you're suppose to do. But as experience taught me, there is a better way of finding the best fit job while investing very minimal time. In job search, it's a good practice to be minimalistic. Thanks to the internet and the powerful searching features that makes job hunting more efficient these days. The key to making job search...

Jotform Review

JotForm is a web based form builder founded by Aytekin Tank in 2005. It offers a WYSIWYG drag and drop builder interface with lots of features up its sleeves. This JotForm review may not be able to cover everything but I'll make sure you get to know some of the outstanding features that this tool offers. If you haven't seen it, let me give you a few things to get you excited about using this powerful tool. Price   JotForm has 3 tier membership options. You can choose from Basic (FREE),...

Blogging on iPad with Blogsy

Let's face it, you are dismayed many times when an idea comes up and you are off your desktop or laptop and all you got is your mobile phone or tablet. I've felt the same way too with my iPad. But I'm glad  I discovered a better way to do it. You might ask, what is it like to blog on an iPad? It's not really the iPad that makes blogging cool or extraordinary. It's Blogsy! This is my new found tool of choice when it comes to blogging  apps. And if you're still not intrigued, let me give you...

How Tablets and Smartphones Transform the Way We Work

Nathan Eddy's recent article says that "nearly three-quarters of the IT decision makers surveyed thought that the use of tablets and smartphones has led to an increase in productivity within their organization, with 25 percent saying it has improved productivity “significantly.” This is not surprising at all. We see tablets and smartphones everywhere and for a special reason they do play a major role in one of the most important aspect of work, and that is no less than communication. It...
dual monitor using displayfusion

Increase Productivity by Using Dual Monitors

Productivity in the workplace is a common mystery that everybody wants to have a crack at it. Until now, it's been one of the many things I'd like to master as a freelancer. And so in my quest to be an effective freelancer, I guess I found one thing that I can stick and one thing that I would definitely recommend my readers to follow. Go ahead and get yourself another monitor if you are only using one! Here's a few things I've found out that I would like to share with you. When I first...

Why You Should Switch to Thunderbird and Trash Outlook

I have a few email accounts from various email service providers like Yahoo, and Gmail. There are also client provided emails that I used for customer service purposes. But my biggest challenge, is not with the inboxes or accessing the webmail. My main concern have been the desktop email clients that i've been using to manage these emails. I have been running both Outlook 2010 and Thunderbird on my computer for quite some time now. There are times that I use Outlook and there are other times...
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