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Getting Started: How I got my first PC through loan

This is a first in a series of Getting Started articles I am compiling. This may not be applicable to all since computers are a common household appliance these days. But when I was still starting up as a freelancer, I didn't have my own computer. I was using the pantry computer at work to apply for jobs. On some occasions, I'd go to an Internet café near our boarding house just to submit my articles and communicate with client. During my early days with doing online jobs, my first few...

Small Gigs That Matter – Fiverr Review

What can you do with $5? And what are you willing to do for $5? Five dollars might not mean a lot these days, but to the phenomenal site,, your $5 can go a long way. Well some of you may have already come across this micro gig site but to those who have not, this is something you should start checking. Fiverr is a marketplace that gives people the opportunity to showcase what they can do and what they are willing to do for $5. These tasks or gigs, as it is called on the site can...

How to Transfer Paypal Funds Using Instant Paypal Remittance

Last year's introduction of this site's Instant Paypal Remittance was well received. I didn't really realize that there are so many freelancers and online shoppers who are in need of their Paypal credits but are left with little to no option of withdrawing their earnings or credits without having to go through the hassle of coursing the money first to the bank. This actually inspired me to create a more structured system with the instant Paypal transfer. Here's how it works. The verification...

Instant Remittance Using Paypal

Remittance services are in abundance nowadays especially here in the Philippines where many overseas workers are consistent patrons. Aside from that, there is also the growing population of home based workers who receive their earnings through remittance or bank transfers. But ever since I have started working as a freelancer, the only payment medium I have used include Paypal fund transfers to my local bank account (I currently use Unionbank's EON and BPI) and LMS remittance service. But...

How To Deal With Late Payments

Every once in a while there may come a time when payments just don't seem to arrive when you most expect them. And worse, it sometimes comes when bills are due to your internet or electricity which is vital for the continuity of operation of your work. Should you then get the phone and ring your clients every 30 minutes to say they are late? Or approach them like you are begging for what you have worked for? If you are that frustrated and unprepared, you might just end up doing both, but...

Shopaholic Freelancer: From Spending to Investing

I know it's easy to remind people not to buy this or that, but the impulse is really difficult to resist. Because more often than not, it is more tempting to splurge on your wants when you have the money rather than to think on how to wisely spend your hard earned income. So I'm changing that style. As they say, if you can't beat them, join them. Go ahead, BUY BUY BUY! But before you indulge read through the shopping list I've prepared for you. Then go ahead and enjoy your shopping...

EON Card Advisory

There will be a slight change that will affect Freelancers and all Paypal users who use Unionbank EON debit cards to withdraw their earnings. Starting August 1, 2010 there will be a new policy regarding card holders withdrawal fees. As indicated in Unionbank website advisory: For oDesk users who regularly withdraw their earnings every Wednesday, this simply means that on the third and fourth week of your earnings will be slashed P20 ($0.44) when you withdraw. And if your withdrawal is below...
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