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How to Avoid Death by Overwork

Being overworked can be fatal. And that's the sad truth on what happened with  Indonesian copywriter, Mita Diran. In the last tweet that Mita Diran posted last December 14 on her Twitter handle @mitdoq, she tweeted that she's been working 30 hours and still going strong. Then news came out. According to her father Yani Syahrial, Mita went into coma after working continuously for 3 days.  Eventually, she died on December 15 after suffering heart failure as a result of a combination of long...

Health Insurance for Freelancers – Why Philhealth is Not Enough

When I was working in the call center, my family enjoyed the benefits of a Maxicare insurance. It covered both outpatient services as well as admissions. The maximum benefit is an eye popping half a million for me, i just don't remember the exact figure for my dependents but it's a solid health plan for all of us at that time. And I tell you, some of my coworkers did love the fact that when they get sick, they will be in a private room accommodation without any worries about the bill. That is...

How Not to Lose Sleep and Still Meet Your Deadlines

Staying up late is not always the best solution to ensure you meet your deadlines. You simply couldn't rely on stretching your work hours just to get the job done. Unfortunately, you are most likely in the same boat just like many other freelancers are. But as they say, if it's being done by many, it doesn't necessarily mean its right. And losing sleep for the sake of a project deadline's completion is one of those exemptions. Common Reasons for Rushing While there are instances when clients...
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