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Freelance Tip - Maintain a healthy cash flow

Freelance Tip #4: Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow

One of the major differences between working a 9-5 job and working as a freelancer is the unpredictability of income. Unlike your regular job, you get a specific or a more regular amount of income every 15 days or so. With freelancing, you're the captain and you're in charge how much you'd like to receive. The possibility of earning beyond your minimum wage is so high, you'll probably even earn 10 folds if you have the skills and the will to really work hard. For six years working as a...
Is Freelancing Sustainable

Is Freelancing Sustainable: My 6th Year Anniversary as a Freelancer

This month of August marks my sixth year as a freelancer and I tell you, It's just unbelievable. But the good thing is, it's for real and working online, at your home is not what many people think, that it's a scam. And I am here as a living proof of how real freelancing and online jobs is. Now, in today's episode I intend to speak about the reality and the life of being a freelancer and what makes freelancing special. I know I still have a lot of things to learn, but with the six years...
high paying freelance jobs

The Simple Truth About Getting a High Paying Freelance Job

It's a common question that people ask me how do I get a high paying freelance job. Well, today, I'll share with you my thoughts why this question isn't something you should even ask others but something that you should ask yourself and should be answered by yourself alone too. The truth is, getting a high paying job is real and it's just out there. Whether you are on oDesk, or Elance, or or just selling your service directly through your website, a high paying job is just a...

How to Increase Repeat Business from Previous Clients

One of the realities of freelancing is that projects are not (always) long term. They can be a one off job of say, setting up an autoresponder, installing and configuring Wordpress, editing a podcast episode etc. The challenge therefore is twofold, first is how to acquire new clients and second, how to increase repeat business from previous clients. Elance offers a good information on this area. If you go to your profile, the right side widget that says "My Snapshot" (for Individual accounts)...

The Case With Being a Filipino Freelancer

One of the great opportunity of being a freelancer is the chance to meet different people. You won't probably see them personally but virtually you'll learn a good lot from them. I've had the chance to work with great people from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and Israel. But as they say, there's always a first or even second time where you'll encounter something different. I had my first taste of this different kind of attitude when I was asked to provide my service. And here's what happened...

How to Use Google Alerts and Saved Search Features to Find a Freelance Job

Finding a freelance job is one of the most time consuming process. There are distractions, diversions and sooner or later, you will find yourself no longer doing what you're suppose to do. But as experience taught me, there is a better way of finding the best fit job while investing very minimal time. In job search, it's a good practice to be minimalistic. Thanks to the internet and the powerful searching features that makes job hunting more efficient these days. The key to making job search...

Should Pinoy Freelancers Ask for a 13th Month Pay?

13th Month Pay is one of the most awaited December perks for everyone who works in the Philippines. And for someone who's just started with freelance work, this may be something you have been used to receiving every end of the year. But now that you are a freelancer, should you demand for this benefit from your clients? Truth is, I have asked myself that same question before. And there are some points to consider why you should and why shouldn't ask for this benefit. Let me explain. You...
freelance mindset

Why Thinking Like an Employee is the Worst Freelancing Mistake You Could Make

Most Filipino freelancers suffer from what I call "The Employee Mindset". And this is preventing them from getting clients who treat them with respect, consult them on their opinions, and are eager to pay them higher rates. But before I dig deeper into the effects of the Employee Mindset, let's start by exploring what it means. What is the "Employee Mindset"? When you're a freelancer, it's very easy to think of yourself as an employee. After all, that's what most people are - they go to a...
Elance vs oDesk

Elance vs. oDesk: Which is the Better Freelance Site?

Elance vs oDesk is like the Mayweather and Pacquiao of the freelance world. They are both one of the best in their league. Unlike a boxing a match, the question of which is the better freelance site, is a moot point that is probably impossible to lay out a concrete judgment. Not unless we'll have Elance CEO and oDesk CEO decide to take it to the ring :) Kidding aside, these two sites have both impacted many lives across the globe and mine included. There may be a few people who've had bad...

Best Collaboration Tools for Freelancers

In this era of virtual collaborative work, the tools you use can make a big difference at how successful your projects would turn out. As a freelancer, I've come across various tools that I've tried, some were recommended, while others were supplied by my clients and overall, these tools have not only made the distance seem irrelevant, the tools we've implemented made certain that projects are organized and productivity is increased. For the past 4 years that I've been tinkering with my...
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