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Breaking the Habit: 4 Things to Eliminate in Your Freelance Lifestyle

When you work on your own and have a control of your time and nobody kicks in to correct you like your supervisor does, you can easily build a bad habit that can become a disease to your freelance business. That's for real! The hard part is, it's sometimes difficult to detect and hard to accept. I know, because I have experienced the same thing in my 4 years of working freelance. Here are a few things to keep watch of, more importantly, to stop and eliminate in your freelance...

Freelancer’s Relocation Checklist

Many of you are probably on the same boat where I am right now, renting a place where you have your office and family in just one roof. But let's admit it, there will come a time when you're family will grow or the business grows or sometimes both of them (ideally both of them) and you have to find your new nest. Do you just go ahead and choose whichever? That's what I'd like to share with you in this post, based on my personal experience. What exactly do you have to consider? Am I Under Any...

Is Online Freelancing The Right Job for You?

I did have the same hesitations and questions at the back of my mind before I started my own freelancing. I'm sure it is the same with you at this very moment. It's really difficult to put your hands on the rein when you have a stable job, a regular pay and a good benefit. But then again, the question is, IS FREELANCING FOR YOU? Job Satisfaction Many people walk to their offices and perform their duties with a heavy shoulder because they are no longer satisfied with what they are doing, their...
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