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When I first had my hand on blogging, I can only name two major platforms, Blogger and WordPress. I did set up blogs for both but had to totally switch to WordPress for many reasons. And for more than two years now, I’m still in love with WordPress. Not that I don’t like Blogger, I just think that WP is more robust and more user friendly. And if i’ll be asked which platform to recommend I surely won’t hesitate to insist on WordPress. Am I being narrow sighted? I guess not.

Before the end of 2009, Mashable actually did a poll of its readers to know which is the preferred blogging platform among its readers. Without any doubt, WordPress came first, followed by Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr and Live Journal.

So what is it for you?

Simple, if you are still using a different platform and happy with it, then continue with that. I know change is a little difficult if we are comfortable with something. But if you are encountering some difficulties with you current platform, then that may just be a good time to call it quits and get WordPress instead. Mashable readers won’t make it their first choice for no reason. So you should be in a good community of WordPress users who you can turn to if you need help.

And if you need a hand migrating your site to WordPress, I can help you with that too (for a cup of java, probably).

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  • Joe

    Getting traffic to a blog isn’t easy huh? I remember when I first started. lol I was really BAD! I spent hundreds buying fake traffic from scammers at DP. I tried email scams (where I was scammed, of course). I even hired an Indian seo guru. lolol I’m still learning the art of blog/site traffic, but I’ve come a long ways. So can you share any secrets on how you increaded your readership? I just posted something about rapid mass traffic (cheap, targeted traffic) that you may want to check out when you can here. Mind me asking how many daily visitors you’re up to man?

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      I'm still a newbie and with only 27+ posts i'm sure am way too far from getting enough traffic to generate a considerable passive income. Secrets? I don't have any, because what i do is experiment on what successful people are using and just do a few personal twist to it. I use social media and forum as a way to generate traffic. But what i'm after is consistency, not just burst but consistent upward trend. Hopefully what you've share will make miracles for my blog.



  • Cheers for this post. Running a blog can be difficult and that is why you should take care and try to post regularly to keep visitors coming to your blog. Allowing your users to interact on your blog is also a good thing, as it gets them more involved.

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