A New Certified Freelance

I've had a great time working on the new look of this blog. New addition include a partner's site. We have collaborated to build up a team who will be providing outsourcing solutions to businesses here and abroad. It's also part of our ministry in helping those who are in need of jobs. It's been a great challenge. A worthwhile challenge, getting more people on the team and training them to be more inclined to working on an online environment. Many have extensive experiences which we are...

Videography Services

The captain of the Eugene Digital Videography outfit is Eugene S. Florendo himself. With almost two (2) decades of experience in the field of video production and handling various kinds of audio-video equipment, the man has established a reputation for delivering professional work on time, because of his professionalism, he has established working relationship with several audio-video providers in Cebu City, Philippines and has earned the trust of many sensitive clients in Cebu and other areas...

How to Scam-Proof Your Freelance Job Search

If you are a freelancer I’m almost certain that you are one hardworking person who surely deserves every cent of what you earn. Those sleepless nights and missed important occasions are just proof that you are a dedicated working machine. But there are also scammers who are working as hard as you do to victimize the naive, careless, and uninformed job seekers. I must admit, I have had my own taste of scam which could have been avoided had it been that I have done my part in ensuring the...

Interview with John Jonas: A Spotlight on Filipinos Working Online

I had the chance to interview John Jonas, creator of Replace Myself and the brain behind These are two websites which he currently maintains and uses to promote the Philippines as an outsourcing destination. Well you might be wondering what’s so important about him that I actually asked him for an interview. The truth is, my first encounter of John Jonas’s is really memorable. The first time I have read about him was in Yaro Starak’s post, And guess what, the comment that I...

Zotero Issues You Ought to Know

If you have read my post "Research Tools Every Freelancer Should Know" and have signed up for Zotero, this is something that you ought to read as well. I’m sure you are enjoying this amazing tool but if you are having some issues, calm down. Here are a few things that you might want to check. Fortunately, if you are using version 1.0, you may be in a brighter mood, but if you have the version 2.0 beta, it may not be as smooth sailing as you want it to be. The reason why I’m writing this is...
Odesk Logo

Five Reasons Why oDesk Tops Other Freelance Sites

Freelancing is perhaps biggest job revolution after the industrial period. That is of course for a good reason. The advances in technology, communication and the boom of the information superhighway made job hunting just a click of a mouse away.Hundreds, if not thousands of freelance sites have sprouted. Some are good, others are not but there are sites which stands out to provide stellar service, not only for service providers but also for its service buyers. And oDesk, surely is at par to...

Social Media Campaign For NoyNoy Aquino Goes to oDesk

With just a few months left before the election, politicians are heating up their campaigns intensely. And for this year, it’s not just the ordinary campaign arena that needs to be conquered, they are also aiming at dominating social media streams. Presidentiable Manny Villar seem to have focus much of his campaign on TV ads, but some have probably hired a blogger, an SEO specialist, social media marketer and a battalion of web gurus to reach out the generation Y of voters. But I found an...
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