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How to Increase Repeat Business from Previous Clients

One of the realities of freelancing is that projects are not (always) long term. They can be a one off job of say, setting up an autoresponder, installing and configuring Wordpress, editing a podcast episode etc. The challenge therefore is twofold, first is how to acquire new clients and second, how to increase repeat business from previous clients. Elance offers a good information on this area. If you go to your profile, the right side widget that says "My Snapshot" (for Individual accounts)...

The Case With Being a Filipino Freelancer

One of the great opportunity of being a freelancer is the chance to meet different people. You won't probably see them personally but virtually you'll learn a good lot from them. I've had the chance to work with great people from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and Israel. But as they say, there's always a first or even second time where you'll encounter something different. I had my first taste of this different kind of attitude when I was asked to provide my service. And here's what happened...
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