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The Pros and Cons of Increased Elance Connects

Every Elance contractor knows how important it is to have available connects. Simply put, connects will determine if you are eligible to submit a proposal for a project under the category you are subscribed to. No connects means you either: wait for a client to invite you before you can submit a proposal buy extra connects upgrade your account to have more monthly allocations. Now you see the big picture of how important connects are. As a tiered membership site with limited monthly...

How to Use Google Alerts and Saved Search Features to Find a Freelance Job

Finding a freelance job is one of the most time consuming process. There are distractions, diversions and sooner or later, you will find yourself no longer doing what you're suppose to do. But as experience taught me, there is a better way of finding the best fit job while investing very minimal time. In job search, it's a good practice to be minimalistic. Thanks to the internet and the powerful searching features that makes job hunting more efficient these days. The key to making job search...

Breaking the Habit: 4 Things to Eliminate in Your Freelance Lifestyle

When you work on your own and have a control of your time and nobody kicks in to correct you like your supervisor does, you can easily build a bad habit that can become a disease to your freelance business. That's for real! The hard part is, it's sometimes difficult to detect and hard to accept. I know, because I have experienced the same thing in my 4 years of working freelance. Here are a few things to keep watch of, more importantly, to stop and eliminate in your freelance...

oDesk Contractor Manual

oDesk, one of the pioneer in online job bidding and freelance sites recently released the oDesk contractor manual. It's a very informative and well thought idea considering that there are millions of newbies who would like to find their way into maximizing their experience with the site. The 22-page oDesk manual has 5 sections that provides good to know information about: The company, an introduction to online work Getting started guide Application and interview tips Getting the job done...
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Is Your Office Killing Your Productivity?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when we talk about how to be productive at work. Office productivity can be affected by the tools you use, the communication channels you employ. It can be your health and it can also be the office environment where you do your work. Most freelancers, including me, never really started as a freelancer. I worked as a call center agent and eventually became a freelancer, and therefore an office environment in the home is non existent. I...
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