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Jotform Review

JotForm is a web based form builder founded by Aytekin Tank in 2005. It offers a WYSIWYG drag and drop builder interface with lots of features up its sleeves. This JotForm review may not be able to cover everything but I'll make sure you get to know some of the outstanding features that this tool offers. If you haven't seen it, let me give you a few things to get you excited about using this powerful tool. Price   JotForm has 3 tier membership options. You can choose from Basic (FREE),...

Should Pinoy Freelancers Ask for a 13th Month Pay?

13th Month Pay is one of the most awaited December perks for everyone who works in the Philippines. And for someone who's just started with freelance work, this may be something you have been used to receiving every end of the year. But now that you are a freelancer, should you demand for this benefit from your clients? Truth is, I have asked myself that same question before. And there are some points to consider why you should and why shouldn't ask for this benefit. Let me explain. You...
freelance mindset

Why Thinking Like an Employee is the Worst Freelancing Mistake You Could Make

Most Filipino freelancers suffer from what I call "The Employee Mindset". And this is preventing them from getting clients who treat them with respect, consult them on their opinions, and are eager to pay them higher rates. But before I dig deeper into the effects of the Employee Mindset, let's start by exploring what it means. What is the "Employee Mindset"? When you're a freelancer, it's very easy to think of yourself as an employee. After all, that's what most people are - they go to a...
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