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Customer Service That Draw New Business

Having spent a few years in the call center proved to be the best training ground for me prior to my entry to the freelance world. I was immersed in a customer service oriented line of business (LOB), honed to provide consultative selling when my brain tells me i'm not a sales guy, and tested my character in dealing with difficult people when my mind keeps on yelling to stop being a saint. And I must say it was a total transformation of who I really am. That's how good my training was :) Thanks...

How Not to Lose Sleep and Still Meet Your Deadlines

Staying up late is not always the best solution to ensure you meet your deadlines. You simply couldn't rely on stretching your work hours just to get the job done. Unfortunately, you are most likely in the same boat just like many other freelancers are. But as they say, if it's being done by many, it doesn't necessarily mean its right. And losing sleep for the sake of a project deadline's completion is one of those exemptions. Common Reasons for Rushing While there are instances when clients...

DNSChanger: How to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Internet on July 9

There is no big holiday on July 9, but if your computer is infected with the DNSChanger malware, your clock is ticking fast before your internet closes out on you. This has been reported as early as May 22 in CNET while local ISP's PLDT and Smart issued their press release on June 27, alerting subscribers of the threat. Unfortunately, that doesn't sound like a very sound way to inform millions of subscribers. A text message or phone call would probably be more suitable considering the impact...

How Tablets and Smartphones Transform the Way We Work

Nathan Eddy's recent article says that "nearly three-quarters of the IT decision makers surveyed thought that the use of tablets and smartphones has led to an increase in productivity within their organization, with 25 percent saying it has improved productivity “significantly.” This is not surprising at all. We see tablets and smartphones everywhere and for a special reason they do play a major role in one of the most important aspect of work, and that is no less than communication. It...
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