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How I Got a Brand New iPad 2

When you work hard, you want to reward yourself. Actually, you ought to reward yourself. But if you're working hard and spending at least $400 for a gadget like an iPad to reward your labors, that doesn't sound very practical for a family man who can use that amount for his children's school tuition fees.   So you ask, how did I get my hand on an iPad 2? Actually, it's simple. I won it from Unionbank's "Swipe and Win" promo. Thanks to my God-given clients who almost always pay on time,...

Small Gigs That Matter – Fiverr Review

What can you do with $5? And what are you willing to do for $5? Five dollars might not mean a lot these days, but to the phenomenal site,, your $5 can go a long way. Well some of you may have already come across this micro gig site but to those who have not, this is something you should start checking. Fiverr is a marketplace that gives people the opportunity to showcase what they can do and what they are willing to do for $5. These tasks or gigs, as it is called on the site can...

Get Additional 5GB Free Space for Your Dropbox

There are plenty of reasons to love Dropbox's service. The smooth syncing across different devices and platforms is one of them. The unmatched referral system that can give you up to 8GB of free storage is also another reason. But the Dropbox team is simply always looking for innovative ways to make us like them even more. And you read it right! They are giving away additional 5GB of free storage. This new release offers new features and improvements which include: Automatically uploads...
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