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How to Transfer Paypal Funds Using Instant Paypal Remittance

Last year's introduction of this site's Instant Paypal Remittance was well received. I didn't really realize that there are so many freelancers and online shoppers who are in need of their Paypal credits but are left with little to no option of withdrawing their earnings or credits without having to go through the hassle of coursing the money first to the bank. This actually inspired me to create a more structured system with the instant Paypal transfer. Here's how it works. The verification...

How to Subcontract a Project With Another Freelancer

If you are working more than 10 hours, working even on weekends, holidays then you have to think again why you work as a freelancer. Is it not because you wanted to be free? To break from the bondage of your desk? Stop being a superman! I know there are instances when workloads seem to be at the peak and working alone is not practical. You need to duplicate yourself. And subcontracting is one way to do it. One good thing about having a network of fellow freelancer is the opportunity to be...
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