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dual monitor using displayfusion

Increase Productivity by Using Dual Monitors

Productivity in the workplace is a common mystery that everybody wants to have a crack at it. Until now, it's been one of the many things I'd like to master as a freelancer. And so in my quest to be an effective freelancer, I guess I found one thing that I can stick and one thing that I would definitely recommend my readers to follow. Go ahead and get yourself another monitor if you are only using one! Here's a few things I've found out that I would like to share with you. When I first...
freelance checklist

Checklist for A Wannabe Freelancer

Deciding to go on a full time freelance work takes more than just the guts to go on a career adventure. There is a massive financial risk involved and a ton of preparation that needs to be settled before you can fully say that you are ready and good to go. There are more factors in the package than what meets the eye. And realistically, freelance home based job is not all good times. If you are just starting today, that is even of greater concern because the risk is twice than the risk involved...
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