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10 Ways to Freelance Effectively

When your  clients don’t get what they want, don’t see the results you have promised, this is a sign that you are being ineffective. And who does want to be told they are ineffective? Not one in his sane mind would desire to hear these words. But they do come, sometimes subtly. Let’s face it, you’ve (actually we’ve) messed up with one or two of our projects in the past. Whether it’s bigtime or not, we’ve had our days when we are ineffective and complacent. It’s not a secret....

Instant Remittance Using Paypal

Remittance services are in abundance nowadays especially here in the Philippines where many overseas workers are consistent patrons. Aside from that, there is also the growing population of home based workers who receive their earnings through remittance or bank transfers. But ever since I have started working as a freelancer, the only payment medium I have used include Paypal fund transfers to my local bank account (I currently use Unionbank's EON and BPI) and LMS remittance service. But...
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