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How To Deal With Late Payments

Every once in a while there may come a time when payments just don't seem to arrive when you most expect them. And worse, it sometimes comes when bills are due to your internet or electricity which is vital for the continuity of operation of your work. Should you then get the phone and ring your clients every 30 minutes to say they are late? Or approach them like you are begging for what you have worked for? If you are that frustrated and unprepared, you might just end up doing both, but...

Freelancer’s Training Ground

Clarence Paul describes call center tenure as "As transient as the phone calls that agents make or take". Representative Raymond "Mong" Palatino, dubbed it as an industry that's filled with “hellos” and “goodbyes.” Others call it as the "sunshine industry" because of it's great contribution when the world economies were actually in the darkness of financial turmoil. I don't know which one to consider as a misnomer. All I know is the fact that call centers are a big help in the economy...

How to Benefit From Online Job Trends

Job trends data provide a wealth of information that's invaluable to entrepreneurs and job seekers in helping make intelligent decisions. As outlined by Trends Research, an authority in providing trend information, it: * Allows you to anticipate change, recognize the implications, and take proactive strategies * Alerts you to the trends shaping the future and * Identifies short and long-term strategies and action plans for profiting from trends In a freelancer's perspective, information on...

6 People You Should Talk to Before You Start a Freelance Career

Many people decide based on their emotions and not on what is logical or what is practical. And most of these decisions are done in haste which almost always ends in frustration. It's good to be enthusiastic but it's better to be wise. In freelancing, it's the same way. Take things with caution and decide when there is full understanding of the matter. And one of the best way of getting a good grasp at things alien to you is getting some advice from those "who've been there, done that". As one...
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