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Project Jobs Fit (Part I)

"Many fresh graduates have a hard time finding jobs because their skills and educational background do not fit the needs of businesses" Whether you agree or not with the above statement by the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), let's face it, finding a job is not as easy as you think it is. And getting an education doesn't even guarantee a job for you in the future. It's really difficult to pinpoint the main culprit in this case because there is a myriad of reasons and a million other factors...

Is Online Freelancing The Right Job for You?

I did have the same hesitations and questions at the back of my mind before I started my own freelancing. I'm sure it is the same with you at this very moment. It's really difficult to put your hands on the rein when you have a stable job, a regular pay and a good benefit. But then again, the question is, IS FREELANCING FOR YOU? Job Satisfaction Many people walk to their offices and perform their duties with a heavy shoulder because they are no longer satisfied with what they are doing, their...
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