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Shopaholic Freelancer: From Spending to Investing

I know it's easy to remind people not to buy this or that, but the impulse is really difficult to resist. Because more often than not, it is more tempting to splurge on your wants when you have the money rather than to think on how to wisely spend your hard earned income. So I'm changing that style. As they say, if you can't beat them, join them. Go ahead, BUY BUY BUY! But before you indulge read through the shopping list I've prepared for you. Then go ahead and enjoy your shopping...

10 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date

The web is a vast resource of knowledge that's almost inexhaustible with information. And keeping abreast on what's the latest whether online or offline, local or global, is just a click of the mouse away. But choosing where to get your information is another story. The fact is, there are millions of websites that are simply put, a waste of time. Here are 10 sites that I've listed and personally use which I believe you will also find useful. 1. Facebook Who could have ever thought that from...
Why I left the Call center

Why I Left the Call Center

Call centers in the Philippines, India or any other outsourcing destination bring a new breath of hope for a decent earning employment. And yes, I am one of those people who've been blessed to have worked for over three years in this thriving industry. But I left the call center completely and never looked back again. At first, I was hesitant to leave my job at Aegis People Support, one of the biggest call center here in Cebu City. With two growing kids in tow, a house rental to think, no...

What’s New with LinkedIn Groups?

I have been frequenting the oDesk group in Linkedin lately, because I am monitoring a discussion that I've started regarding freelancing challenges. And I was surprised to see an entirely different look and feel of the groups section. For one, there is now a slide gallery of recent posts that were made, a bar with tabs where you can give a thumbs up, comment, like, pass or flag for a post. Plus a Hootsuite/Facebook like status update console where you can attach a link and provide more detail...

What Are Your Biggest Freelancing Challenges?

Life as a freelancer is not a bed of roses and you know that, I'm sure. It's challenging. It's sometimes disappointing and frustrating. And what better way to learn than to ask those who've been in the business, and have gone all through what we're just starting to cross. So I started a group discussion in LinkedIn and asks: What Are Your Biggest Freelancing Challenges? Here's what LinkedIn members has to say: Ashish Mishra • Hi, Thats a good question and here is the answer as per my...

Exchange Rate Trends

Have you planned on buying a brand new laptop but passed it on for next month's goal because you didn't get the expected amount? Let me guess, you were getting some good income lately like a regular job, but the exchange rates have been as erratic as woman's fickle mind. Well don't pull your hair off. I know that's frustrating specially if you're expecting it and have almost ironed out your budget. But chances are, a good exchange rate today, may not be as good tomorrow. That's how the forex...

EON Card Advisory

There will be a slight change that will affect Freelancers and all Paypal users who use Unionbank EON debit cards to withdraw their earnings. Starting August 1, 2010 there will be a new policy regarding card holders withdrawal fees. As indicated in Unionbank website advisory: For oDesk users who regularly withdraw their earnings every Wednesday, this simply means that on the third and fourth week of your earnings will be slashed P20 ($0.44) when you withdraw. And if your withdrawal is below...
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