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oDesk Top Virtual Assistants

It was just a few days ago when I celebrated my birthday and reaching this age (no need to guess, i'm 31) is surely a miracle and a blessing beyond words. Yet it didn't end there, I just received a notification that as of March, I was included in the Top VA's in oDesk. "Congratulations! There are hundreds of thousands of providers on oDesk, but you were one of the top performing ones in your category this month. Rankings are based on a combination of the dollar amount of the jobs you completed...

10 Reasons Why Client Feedback Matters

In freelancing or in any other kind of job hunting, there are only two things that can hinder you from getting your dream job. First, you have no previous work experience and second, you have work experience but you have a tarnished reputation because of unsatisfactory feedbacks. If you have just started getting jobs online, may this serve as a warning. Remember, you are building a foundation and your feedbacks will be the cornerstone of your future employability. But if you've already...
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