December 21st, 2014
Freelance Tip Be Quick

Daily Freelance Tip #3 Be Quick

If fast food and instant noodles are not good for your health, one thing that will sure have a good effect on your freelance career is to be quick, be fast. Don't be just on time. Be early. Be an efficient freelancer. And I will guarantee you'll see a big difference in many aspects of your freelancing. Your clients will be amazed and you'll most likely get another project from them The wow experience will get you a bigger chance of referral Your client will likely keep your service...
Be An Expert

Daily Freelance Tip #2: Be an Expert

If you're working as a freelancer, think of yourself as a doctor. You are someone who provides solution, recommendation a prescription. But there are a lot of doctors. You can either be a general practitioner or you can be a specialist. And if you put two doctors side by side, one a general practitioner and the other, say a dermatologist, when you have a problem with your skin, who would you choose? Definitely, it will be the dermatologist. Why? Because he's the expert in that field. In...
Follow Up

Daily Freelance Tip #1: Follow up

Whether it's a past client or a prospect, follow up can do wonders on your business acquisition and retention strategy. Unfortunately, follow up is something that most freelancers ignore, neglect, and forget or probably don't even know. If you're guilty of this, I don't blame you.  As Kelley Robertson, author of The Power of Follow up, points out "Many people have never received formal sales training and have not learned why they should follow-up and how to make this happen."...
Loan Application

Getting Started: How I got my first PC through loan

This is a first in a series of Getting Started articles I am compiling. This may not be applicable to all since computers are a common household appliance these days. But when I was still starting up as a freelancer, I didn't have my own computer. I was using the pantry computer at work to apply for jobs. On some occasions, I'd go to an Internet café near our boarding house just to submit my articles and communicate with client. During my early days with doing online jobs, my first few...
Highest Paying Jobs1

20 Highest Paid Freelance Skills by the Hour on Elance-oDesk

Here's a very interesting stats that was recently released by Business Insider extracted from and between January 1 - May 31, 2014.  So what can you do about this data? Well, there a few things. You can use this to evaluate if you are charging enough for your service. This is specially true because sometimes we think we are overcharging, when in fact, industry standards tells us that we're not. For those who are young and would want to acquire more profitable...
Freelancer App

Freelancer Messenger App Review has freshly released it's Messenger App and if you haven't seen it, here's a brief rundown on what to expect. Unfortunately, the app is only available to Android users at this time. So iOs users will have to wait and see when the iOS version will come out. And hopefully it won't be too long. The current version requires Requires Android 2.3.3 and up. Currently the app is enjoying a very good review rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The user interface looks great. It's simple and...

How I Became an Accidental Transcriptionist

Back in 1998, my sister Rebecca studied computer secretarial in one of the colleges in Olongapo City. One of her subjects is stenography and typing. She bought an old typewriter and a bunch of lessons on typing. Then she would start working through her lesson, pressing through the rugged keys on the typewriter. It clacked and cracked on afternoons and evenings while I look on her and see her just have her eyes on the copy while her fingers find their way to the different keys on the keyboard. I...
First Step

Why The First Step to Freelancing is Difficult and What You Can Do About It

It's always the first step that starts anything big. Remember when you were just starting at this puppy love thing? When you were just staring at your long time high school crush. Yes, that's exactly how it is. You wanted to go for it, but hey, the devil whispers a lot of ifs and buts and you cringe in fear of rejection and that big NO; so you stop and just stare. And the next thing you know, she's your best friend's girlfriend. We'll, that's for illustration only, but it can surely happen in...
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